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Aureus University School of Medicine’s medical program prepares medical students to become efficient, exemplary and ethical doctors. Aureus University’s mission is to provide students with the solid foundation in medicine necessary to ensure that its graduates are able to overcome any challenges during their medical careers. Aureus strives to establish a reputable institution of learning where each student’s success contributes to and reflects upon its own success as a university. They also provide an affordable tuition.

Aureus University School of Medicine is chartered by the Government of the

Island Republic of Aruba. Aureus provides highly qualified, compassionate and efficient medical doctors with strong ethical backgrounds.
As a first step, Aureus will endeavor to increase the range of programs available. Plans are in place to expand the campus to include research and fitness facilities. The campus will be fully equipped with state of the art equipment, laboratories and research facilities to provide a conductive learning experience for our students. Student accommodations are currently provided by affiliated student housing complexes until our provision of a future dorm on campus is completed. We conduct fully accredited degree programs with competent faculty and innovative facilities, to provide a solid medical foundation and to enable students to obtain license to practice medicine in US, Canada, UK or any other member country of the United Nations.

The doctors and professors possess more than fifteen years of experience in the United States, Canada and various international medical education system backed by expertise from administrators of global repute.


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