Academic Staff

Aureus University’s faculty is comprised of experienced and committed professors who are not only extremely knowledgeable, but possess excellent teaching skills as well. Aureus University’s faculty members take pride in providing quality education to their students, and in being easily accessible and accommodating.


 Mr. Ted Glueck, Chief Operating Officer

Gurmit S Chilana, MD; FACOG Executive Dean

LakhinderKanwar, MD; Director of Operation, Aruba Campus

Rajinder S. Sidhu, MD; Dean of Academics

AnoopSidana, MBBS; Dean of Administration

Frank Navarrete, MD; Associate Dean of Academics

John Elliott, CPA; Chief Financial Officer

Stuart A. Klein, MBA; Registrar


Dr. Frank Navarrete

Dr. Amarbir S Ahuja

Dr. Rajinder S Sidhu

Professor of Anatomy & Neurosciences

Associate of professor of Anatomy & Surgery

Professor of Medical Physiology

Dr.  Tiara Calvo Leon Associate Professor of Physiology& Epidemiology
Dr. Lakhinder Kanwar Professor of Clinical Pathology
Dr. Aruna Tewarie Assistant Professor of Histology & Biology
Dr. Abigail Apacible Assistant Professor of Histology & Biology
Dr. R.B. Bryson

Dr. Namrata Chhabra

Associate Professor of ICM

Professor of Clinical Biochemistry & Immunology

Dr. Ajay Satla, Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Dr. RalitzaSpassova Assistant Professor of Pre-med sciences& Med Psych
Dr. Kundan K Singh Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Dr. Shruti Singh

Dr. Anoop Sidana

Mr. Somai Vikram

Dr. Ronnie Mandal

Dr. Gurmit S Chilana

Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Assistant Professor of Pathology &ICM

Lecturer of Physics& Chemistry

Associate Professor & Director of Residency

Director of Residency & ICM

Norton B. Berg, PhD Professor of Anatomy at SUNY Upstate, NY
Edward G. Stopa, MD Professor of Neuropathology at Brown Univ.
Mohammed Aziz, PhD Associate Professor of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School
William Taylor, MD Assistant Professor of Pathology and Neuroanatomy
Suresh Gupta, MD Associate Professor of Pathology and Hematology
Jagmohan Sidhu, MD Professor of Hematopathology (HON)
Wayne Hay, DO Associate Professor of Urology
Ramesh Gupta, MD Associate Professor of Physiology & Gastroenterology
Mukhtar S. Nandra, MD Professor of Family Medicine
Hui-Cong Zhao, MD Associate Professor of Pathology & Genetics
Ramesh K Arya, MD Professor of Pathology & Clinical Hematology
Arnold Willis, MD Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
HariqbalNandra, MD Dean of Clinical Sciences
George Tucker, MD Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine
Peter Bernard, MD Associate Professor of Medicine