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Academic Staff

Aureus University’s faculty is comprised of experienced and committed professors who are not only extremely knowledgeable, but possess excellent teaching skills as well. Aureus University’s faculty members take pride in providing quality education to their students, and in being easily accessible and accommodating.

Frank Navarrete, MD
Tiara Calvo Leon, MD
Lakhinder Kanwar, MD
Shiv Kumar, PhD
Vijay Gokaraju, MD
Alper Atasever, MD PhD
Mahmud A Khaleq, MD
O.R. Wever, MD
Aruna Tewarie, MD
Courage Osa-Nappier, MD
Abigail Apacible, DDS
Ramesh K Arya, MD
R.B. Bryson, MD
Lue Ann Tromp

Professor of Anatomy & Neurosciences
Professor of Medical Physiology & Medical Ethics
Professor of Histopathology
Professor of Biochemistry
Professor of Pharmacology & Microbiology
Professor of Gross Anatomy
Professor of Systemic Pathology
Professor of ICM & PDI
Professor of Histology
Professor of Pathology & Epidemiology
Associate Professor of Histology & Biology
Professor of Pathology & Clinical Hematology
Professor of Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Administrative Secretary, Aruba

Norton B. Berg, PhD
Edward G. Stopa, MD
Mohammed Aziz, PhD
William Taylor, MD
Suresh Gupta, MD
Robert Tuggey, PhD
H.M. Grigorian, MD
Jagmohan Sidhu, MD
Wayne Hay, DO
Ramesh Gupta, MD
Mukhtar S. Nandra, MD
Shahrooz Shahram, MD
Hui-Cong Zhao, MD

Professor of Anatomy at SUNY Upstate, NY
Professor of Neuropathology at Brown Univ.
Professor of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School
Professor of Pathology and Neuroanatomy
Professor of Pathology and Hematology
Professor of Clinical Chemistry
Professor of MedPsych and Epidemiology
Professor of Hematopathology (HON)
Professor of Urology
Professor of Physiology & Gastroenterology
Professor of Family Medicine
Professor of Pathology & Genetics
Professor of Pathology & Genetics

Jawad Saade, MD
Arnold Willis, MD
Hariqbal Nandra, MD
George Tucker, MD
Peter Bernard, MD
Maryland, USA
District of Columbia, USA
Illinois, USA
Georgia, USA
District of Columbia, USA

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