MD Programs

There are two MD programs for students to follow at Aureus. A 4-Year program for students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree, and a 5-Year for High School Graduates:


The 4 Year MD (3 years 4 months) program is for students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or have completed the premedical requirements which normally consist of

  • Biology – 90 semester hours
  • Chemistry – 90 semester hours
  • Physics – 90 semester hours

together with Math, English, and Humanities studies. The program is conducted in Aruba. This program can be completed in 3 Years 4 Months. Candidates who have completed a Bachelor Degree or a premedical program are eligible for admission into the MD Degree Program. The Premedical Program normally consists of 90 semester hours each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This also includes College level courses in Mathematics, English and Humanities.


The 5 Year MD program is designed to cater to high school graduates interested in medicine. This requires three semesters to complete the pre-medical requirement highlighted above. Students study for one additional year to fulfill the 90 semester hour requirement in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Math. Upon successful competition of these three semesters, students move on to complete the Basic Science (pre-clinical) portion of the MD program which consists of the remaining 4 Years.

Applying To Medical SchoolBrampton College is conducting a joint pre-medical program with Aureus University School of Medicine—delivering the curriculum of pre-medical courses and overall program as set by Aureus University in Brampton, ON.This strategic and exclusive affiliation allows students to complete the minimum 90 course credit hours of the pre-medical program requirements in one year. These course credits are given by Aureus University and are a requirement to be qualified for Aureus’s MD program.

This program is designed for highly motivated students wishing to pursue the field of medicine. It provides a firm foundation in pre-medical education, giving the students the fundamental knowledge required for Aureus’s MD program.


Students from recognized medical schools may be admitted as transfer students upon evaluation of their credentials. The admissions committee of Aureus University School of Medicine will review all candidates’ applications before admission.


Upon successful completion of the basics and clinical portion of the MD programs, students will be eligible to sit for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 exam. Passing one of these exams (or equivalent exam in foreign jurisdiction) is required for graduation.


Aureus University School of Medicine grants admissions from qualified students regardless of color, age, race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, disability or marital status.