Scholarships & Finances


Five individually sponsored scholarships are available and are awarded to outstanding and deserving students upon the recommendation of the scholarship committee to those students who have a bachelors degree in science with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, a MCAT score of 26 or higher and they must maintain a final-average grade ‘B’ for each semester at Aureus. Please submit a paragraph in support of your request along with your application when you apply. The scholarship amount ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 for each scholarship.


A unique student loan program is available to exceptional students who have a bachelors degree in science with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, a MCAT score of 27 or higher and they must maintain a 90 percentile final-average for each semester at Aureus. The first ten students are considered for a total four-year tuition loan of $80,445 with a co-borrower’s signature.


Although Aureus is a very young organization, the management board and its experienced faculty are working hard to assist you in the financial matters. Federally subsidized loans are not yet available in United States but the loans from various private lending institutions and banks are available supported by a co-signer. Upon your acceptance to Aureus University, you will be advised and directed to the appropriate institution. Experienced staff is there to help you at our US Admissions Office and will provide you with the necessary information and documentation.

Aureus University also participates in RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) and CESP (Canada Education Savings Program) backed by the Canadian government. OSAP – Ontario Student Assistant Program is available for student residing in Ontario province in Canada. Aureus University is now recognised by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as an offshore University as per Paragraph 118.5(1)(b) and Paragraph 118.6(1)(b) of Canadian Income Tax Act. United States veterans can take advantage of GI Bill benefits for higher education in medicine. The benefits will cover a large portion of the tuition. Aureus University School of Medicine is a participant in the VA program.

Students applying from the United States and Canada can inquire about personal loan programs through various private banks.TFC Tuition Funding Corporation Loans to eligible students are available. Co-signer is required