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Aureus University School of Medicine’s MD programs prepare students to become efficient, exemplary and ethical doctors. At Aureus, we seek students who demonstrate a strong desire to succeed, coupled with an understanding of the compassionate and humanitarian aspects of the practice of medicine. We pride ourselves in offering our motivated healers of the future, an extraordinary education today. We are confident you’ll appreciate our steadfast pledge to provide affordable tuition, a safe and clean environment, smaller classes and a dedicated and highly experienced faculty. Read More

Summer Semester

Summer Semester BeginsMay 1, 2023
Summer semester has begun!
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Aureus University School of Medicine contributes to building a robust healthcare system

Medical sciences offered at Aureus University School of Medicine is a place where standards are never compromised. You can compare the course content and the amount of attention given to Applicants with any US medical college. Quality education is a cardinal element of our Institute.

Our Aureus University School of Medicine serves as a chief stakeholder in uplifting the standards and connecting applicants with practical life examples. Aureus University School of Medicine managed health professionals to be placed in Nursing, Advanced Practice, Imaging, Medical Laboratory, Cardiopulmonary, and Rehabilitation Therapy. This helped in creating a network of healthcare professionals possessing unmatched skills. Therefore, the Aureus University School of Medicine introduces highly skilled healthcare professionals to healthcare settings. We aim to provide affordable medical science education through Aureus University at our core. We pick applicants who are capable of handling the pressure and dedicate their lives to the well-being of patients.

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