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Affordable Medical School


Medical education always seems to be a great ROI. However, medical school usually offers a program that is expensive due to the scope of medical science and high salary bucket post-graduation. At the same time, all applicants are not financially sound to manage the expenses incurred during the process. High tuition fee and fee for course material are what makes it indispensable for the medical school to offer financial aid. This is to increase the inclusivity without getting into the debate of background an applicant might have.

We have so many examples like federal programs where scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants. For instance, Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) offers scholarships and loans. Similarly, the Department of Education has income-driven repayment plans. Some scholarships offer nearly 50% off to medical students with good grades in the form of merit-based scholarships. You may find a lot of affordable medical schools in Aruba. Aureus University School of Medicine is also making a significant contribution among them. For those citizens of Aruba, a scholarship of up to 50% tuition fee is awarded by the Government of Aruba. You need to pay the tuition fee in our US admission office. Through any of the following means:

  • certified check,
  • bank draft,
  • money order,
  • wire transfer

The Aureus University School of medicine is committed to ensuring that medical school remains inexpensive and accessible to students from all backgrounds. Via our different aid partnership programs, we aim to remain one of the most affordable medical schools in Aruba. We try to provide as much information as possible to applicants, students, and residents. So, if it is an affordable medical school that you are looking for, we highly suggest you give all of our information a go-through and get in touch with us today.