ASUM, Aruba Announces Name Change


Patterson, NJ –January 4, 2011 All Saints University, Aruba has announced it will change its name to ‘Aureus University School of Medicine’ The name change comes as part of their recent enhancements to their facilities and curriculum to improve its quality and standard of education. “We have prided ourselves in providing students a level of education that was above the rest and we wanted a name that best represented excellence so we chose Aureus, which means gold in Aruba” said Dr. Gurmit Chilana, Executive Dean at Aureus University.

Aureus University will feature an overall upgrade in its Aruba facilities with new state of the art classrooms which feature the latest technologies used in today’s hospitals. The school also retains it commitment to small classroom sizes and offering students an affordable tuition.

Under Aureus, students will also have a greater resources to study medicine as the school has established relationships with major teaching hospitals in the US and Canada.

Other factors for the name change, Dr. Chilana explained, “We wanted to change the name of the University to set ourselves apart from other universities with the same name and establish a tradition that graduates can be proud of.”

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