The Dos and Don’ts of Clinical Rotations

If you are a fledging medical student in your third year, so far the progress has only included hours-long lectures, interesting practical classes, and tough-to-beat exams. It is time for you to make your mark out in the serene, disinfectant-scrubbed corridors. While clinical rotations are incredibly fascinating, since you get […]

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Canada Seminars in November 2017

Interested in becoming a doctor or attending medical school? Our special medical school seminar will be taking place in Canada during the month of October. It is important you register for these informative and exciting seminars. During the seminar, you will learn the basics on attending medical school and everything […]

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Medical School with a Difference

Here at Aureus University, we are committed to providing high quality medical education affordably. Leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree, our education services are based on a comprehensive curriculum that is based on creating successful and competitive doctors. As one of best colleges for medical science in Aruba, […]

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