Mr. Theodore P. Glueck Chief Operating Officer Gurmit Chilana, MD FACOG Executive Dean Peter Silberie, MBA Director of Internal Affairs Frank Navarrete, MD Dean of Academics Mukhtar Nandra, MD Director of Clinical Affairs Preet Sarai, MBA, CHRM AAC Director, Toronto Shiv Kumar, PhD Dean of Administration John Elliot, CPA Chief […]

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Simple Ways To Becoming A Better Medical Student

When you finally get accepted into medical school and start with your first year, you will realize that things get tough. You need to stay on your feet at all times, researching, studying, preparing and what not.  Xavier wanted the guidance, because he just got accepted. Lacking guidance, most medical […]

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Meet Our 2017 Residents

        Meet some of our graduates doing their residencies in top hospitals in the US Today we feature Dr Shruti Jayaraman Junior Resident at Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, MD Meet Dr. Shruti Jayaraman

Is A Career In Medicine Right For You?

Selecting the right career is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll ever make. Most physicians say that they choose to study medicine because they wanted to make a difference in lives, helping others and impacting their lives in the most positive of ways. What about you? Why are you […]

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