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High Academic Standards

At Aureus University School of Medicine, we combine the excellence of academia with accreditations by the Accreditation Commission On Colleges Of Medicine (ACCM) and recognition from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).


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Aureus Graduates practicing in all 50 States in US and Across entire Canada

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Discover Aureus - Advance in Your Medical Career

At Aureus University, School of Medicine, our students are the center of everything. Our dedicated and experienced faculty aims to provide a unique learning experience to our students through interactive education and early hands-on experience that gives you a unique advantage over students from other medical schools.

The management of Aureus University, School of Medicine is also adamant about preparing our students for the USMLE Step 1. Our professional instructors with years of experience equip our students with all the essential tools necessary to pass the exam with excellent results and secure a chance to top residency in the U.S. and Canada.

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What Makes the Aureus University School of Medicine Distinguished?

Aureus University offers an exceptional quality education that incorporates elements of compassion into the practice of medicine. Competing with the educational standards of medical schools in the United States, Aureus University, School of Medicine makes a great choice for anyone looking forward to earning a medical degree.

Located on the beautiful island of Aruba, Aureus University, the School of Medicine is a modern and well-equipped educational facility offering affordable medical education. With an economical cost of education, the institute also offers extensive scholarships and loans to help students accomplish their medical dream. Its affordable medical education is just one of the many reasons why Aureus University is considered the top choice by students of medicine. There are many more reasons why Aureus University School of Medicine is the preferred choice for medical education.

● A dedicated and experienced faculty

● Lower student-to-faculty ratio

● Merit-based scholarships

● Top-class student life

● Outstanding residency placement

● Safe and friendly environment

● Committed non-teaching staff.

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Discover the Aureus Advantage

Look forward to exceptional education, top-class student life, and a chance to secure outstanding residency placement.

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Why Aureus

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Student life

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All while enjoying the beauty of our prestigious location.

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