High Paying Medical Careers after a 4-Year MD Program

Has it always been your dream to be a doctor? Or maybe your family propelled you to follow a career in the field of medicine. Either way, you know that it’s going to cost a lot and require unparalleled dedication as you earn that MD.

Once you have that degree, what’s the next step? What are your career aspirations? Did you find a great field within medicine that you are particularly passionate about?

The good news is that there are hundreds of potential career paths for you once you have your degree.

We have selected a few of the most lucrative ones based on potential for growth and future demand as well as possible salaries.

Transplant Coordinators

Expected Salary – US $77,000

Organ transplant is a tedious job, and it happens with a help of a team of hardworking professionals with very important responsibilities in medical and administrative fields. As a qualified MD and transplant coordinator, you will be indispensable for the process.

From evaluation of a patient for suitability of a transplant, all the way to post-surgical care, your expertise will be needed at every step of the way as the patient’s life is saved.

Medical Perfusionist

Expected Salary – US $95,000

If you have ever seen someone hold onto life by being hooked onto a bypass machine during a surgical procedure, you already know what medical perfusionists do. Their job is to operate the bypass machine and other equipment needed to control the patients respiratory and circulation functions.

Perfusionists have to be certified by the local Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion. They have to clear an examination and clinical evaluations before they can be awarded a certification.

Product Manager, Health Care

Expected Salary – US $89,000

In the context of the healthcare industry, a product manager is responsible for handling product development and marketing of medicine and other healthcare related products.

They decide the sales strategies and help find the right buyers for these products. However, in addition to being an MD, you’ll also have to invest in an MBA to land a job as a healthcare product manager.

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