From High School to Med School: You Can Be a Doctor by the Time You’re 24!

Are you fresh out of high school with the aspiration to be a competent MD serving in the healthcare industry?

If yes, you would be looking at the best options available to pursue your professional studies and lay strong foundations for a thriving career. At this point, you generally have two courses of action that you can act upon:

  • Take the conventional route to an MD degree
  • Be a qualified MD by the time you’re 24 years old!

Most Med Schools that you come across would require a Pre-Med Bachelor’s Degree as per-requisite for MD programs. This would add up to 7 years of medical education before you step into the professional world.

Alternatively, you can opt for the 5-Year MD Program at the Aureus University School of Medicine. Aureus offers practical medical education that is comprehensive and affordable. Their MD Programs empower students with the hands-on knowledge and skills they need to begin their careers as proficient Doctors.

The Aureus University 5-Year MD Program

This 5-Year Program for an MD degree has been designed to help high-school graduates take the fast-track to their dreams of becoming qualified MDs. This program culminates the requirements of the 3-year pre-med programs into 3 semesters.

The 3 semesters will make the fresh high school graduates complete the 90 credit hours for each core subject that include:

  • English
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Once the students complete the per-requisite semesters they then move on to the regular 4-year MD Program. This program allows students to complete the Pre-Clinical Basic Science curriculum of the course in 4 years’ time.

The 5-Year MD Program at Aureus University is available for students in both the US and Canada (via Brampton College). The same pre-medical and overall MD courses are being offered in Brampton, Canada with the aim to create doctors who have what it takes to lead from the front with top-line education backing their progress wherever they go.

The fast-track pre-medical program is delivered by and in accordance with the exclusive educational standards of Aureus University. High school students in Aruba, Canada, the US, and anywhere around the world with a flair for the field of medicine can apply for this 5-Year MD Program.

The Aureus University has a no-discrimination policy for admissions. They are looking for highly-motivated students who are competent and committed to their education.

On successful completion of the fundamental and clinical parts of this program, the students become eligible for attempting their USMLE exams. The students need to pass either one of the Step 1 or Step 2 exams or an equivalent foreign exam to complete their graduation requirements.

Make your dream come true. Be an MD at the age of 24.

The Aureus University School of Medicine is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Fall session on a rolling basis. Apply Now – it’s a quick and simple process that brings you a step closer to your dream profession. In case you need further information, call toll free on 866. 596. 9919 or check out the details of the MD Programs they offer.