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International Applicants and Visas

international applicants

Aureus University School of Medicine has a diverse student body and welcomes international students to apply for enrollment. International applicants should be aware that depending on their country of origin, the Visa process can take up to three months to complete. Therefore international students from countries that require a Visa to travel to Aruba should apply for admission at least 60-90 days prior to their enrollment term to allow sufficient time for the required documentation and Visa processing. Please visit these links to find out the Visa requirements for your country:


If your domicile is NOT on the list of exempted countries you will be required to secure a Visa prior to traveling to Aruba. Upon acceptance, the Aureus University immigration consultant will assist you with the process. It is strongly advised that International applicants familiarize themselves with the Visa requirements for their country at the time of application.


The immigration consultant at Aureus University will apply the student permit for you. In order to obtain a student permit, you must submit the following documents:

Residents of all Countries

  1. ENROLLMENT LETTER from the University confirming that you are enrolled in the MD program at Aureus University, Aruba. If this is emailed to you, please print in color. Black and white copies will not be accepted.
  2. Photocopy of PASSPORT PROFILE PAGE. (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon submission)
  3. 4 (35×45 mm) DUTCH PASSPORT SIZE PICTURES WITH WHITE BACKGROUND. Please see the checklist for the actual size.
  4. CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT (background investigation/ POLICE CLEARANCE) issued by the country of residence, of the last five years. This should be provided with legalization (not older than 6 months) from a Dutch Embassy or apostille (depending on membership International Convention). If the certificate is in a language other than Dutch, English or Spanish, a translation should be provided by a sworn translator in Aruba.

Police Clearance must be certified by means of an apostille by the US Secretary of State.

Police Clearance must be certified by the (1) Foreign Affairs and by the (2) Dutch Embassy.

Police Clearance must be certified by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in New Delhi.

The legalization or apostille on documents must be done separately and not be older than 6 months. Some countries require the documents to be NOTARIZED before they can be legalized or certified with an apostille.

International Applicants must also demonstrate the ability to pay for at least the first year of study and will be required to purchase a round-trip airline ticket when traveling to Aruba which can be changed or refunded after arrival. Complete details and instructions will be provided by the Aureus University immigration consultant.

A checklist will be provided with your enrollment package for reference and to ensure all document requirements have been fulfilled.


The Aureus University School of Medicine is considered an international medical school. Applicants come from different parts of the world to study medical science and pursue their careers in relevant fields. Each year we welcome international applicants offering them enrollment based on the requirements for international applicants. You must be aware of visa policies and pre-admission tests in place for international applicants.

Only authentic and credible medical colleges can produce quality Doctors. In this regard, Universities may take an additional test such as MCAT as a pre-requisite for admission. At Aureus University School of Medicine, we follow the same practices as international medical schools. The degree provided at Aureus University School of Medicine is completely consistent with international practice.

Remember your visa may take up to three months, so we recommend our applicants to apply for a study visa for Aruba at least 60-90 days before the deadlines. In the meantime, all relevant documents can be gathered to avoid any delay. Remember, the license to practice medicine is subject to your country of origin. Our degree facilitates applicants to clear USMLE as our passing ratio is above 80% since we offer USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, and USMLE Step 2 CS as part of degree completion.


All your queries about whether the program will make you an international medical graduate (IMG) are presented here. You need to verify your medical degree as if it is an international medical degree or you are IMG via Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. You will be evaluated to check your level of competency.

Our degree provides relevant practice and knowledge that will equip applicants to qualify as IMG. At the same time, when you acquire ECFMG certification, further practicing medicine requires an accredited residency training program, particularly in the United States.

To get enrollment in Aureus University School of Medicine, international applicants need to show a strong financial position, i.e., they can pay the full one-year fee, including a round trip ticket. We only provide visas to applicants having domicile in the list of exempted countries. From the third year onwards, our program offers a direct study of patients so students may gain the required experience in an international medical degree.