From A Student’s Diary – The First Year At Medical School

Are you passion about medicine?

Feel like you want to make contributions to this world, in a bigger way?

Some choose to go into charity; others become doctors. They understand that they have something unique to offer; they want to be part of making people healthier and happier.

You might be wondering what it’s like spending your first year at a medical school.

Here in this blog post we present an extract from a diary from one of our students at Aureus University School of Medicine, giving you comprehensive insight into what it’s like:

“I was interested in becoming a doctor and considered medical school as just another stepping stone in the journey.

But, despite always talking about medical schools and discussing them with my friends, they still remained abstract, shrouded in haze. What should have I expected and what was it really going to be like once I made it?

After successfully completing my first year at Aureus University School of Medicine, I have travelled through all that fog and encountered the realities of being in a med school.

People were always joking about how medical students need to study hard and spend most of their time in the library. They were right, and I kind of liked the challenges.

It wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Sure I often found myself in the library, but so was everyone else. The combination of immunology, microbiology and the anatomy of our body—all of this equipped me with such valuable, so magically captivating information–all which I needed to build a solid foundation to become a doctor. I really felt like I could apply all this when I finally graduated.

While most applicants to medical schools already know there is a lot of studying involved, I noticed that everyone has different approaches. Some would stay up late in the night to study; others would wake up early morning, gather with their study groups.

But there is so much more.

Everyone including teachers and faculty stressed on the importance of having personal time and building up on individual hobbies. At times I need to really make time to hang out with friends and go out, but all of it was well worth it when I came back fresh, ready to take on the next day’s challenges.

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