Aureus offers an affordable, hands-on medical education which prepares students to begin an exciting medical career. Hundreds of students at Aureus have been placed in residency programs at prestigious medical facilities throughout the United States.

The four year MD Program covers all Basic and Clinical Sciences to fully prepare students for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 exams.

The five year program is designed for high school graduates pursuing an MD Degree.

Clinical Training Focus, Hands-on experience

Following early clinical exposure in the classroom, students receive their Clinical Training at our affiliated hospitals across the United States and Canada. Upon completion of their clinical rotations, students secure residences in various specialties at renowned medical facilities as they advance toward a successful medical career.


Aureus students can choose from hundreds of different programs all over the United States and Canada. Upon successful completion of residencies, students move on to become private practitioners or pursue a fellowship program.
Many Aureus University residents have become chief residents and further serve the needs their community.

Our students have gained successful residency in many prominent hospitals, including Yale University Hospital, Boston University Hospital, University of Toronto, Staten Island University Hospital, Michigan State University among others.